The School for Psychics

by K.C. Archer

**Book will be released on 3-April-2018**

Grown up Harry Potter fans, rejoice. Here is a novel that includes all of the quirkiness and entertaining features of Harry Potter, in a much darker and adult setting. While Harry Potter contained a school for witches and wizards, the Whitfield Institute is a school for those that excel in more extra-sensory skills, such as mind-reading and telekinesis. The School for Psychics takes a fascinating look at abilities that are still beyond most people’s everyday lives. A world that most of us can’t even imagine being a part of.

We meet Teddy in Las Vegas, where she has gambled herself into a corner. She’s an epileptic with the ability to read people. She has bounced around through school and jobs. Teddy is a lost soul. She is drifting with no real ambition or direction. Living in her adoptive parents garage and in trouble with a Russian mob loan shark, there really isn’t anywhere for her to go when The Whitfield Institute for Law Enforcement Training and Development is thrown on her table.

Teddy is a protagonist to be liked. She may not always make the best decisions, but she is relatable, funny, and spunky. K.C. Archer does a great job of making Teddy a three dimensional character with real faults and attributes. You want to root for Teddy. You hope for Teddy to succeed. You groan when Teddy fails or again falls into old behavior patterns. It’s always important for me to be able to connect on some level with the main character in a book. To have something about her be identifiable to me. K.C. Archer accomplishes that with Teddy. In fact, most of the characters in this novel are well written and intriguing. Teddy’s roommate Jillian, who can communicate with animals, is endearing and funny. Molly, an empath, is rather tragic and weak.

K.C. Archer’s story weaves and twists and turns leaving me unable to wait to turn the page. I sped through this book wondering what was going to come next. The Whitfield Institute is both mysterious and unusual. The setting of San Francisco’s Angel Island is the perfect location for a book about a supernatural school with supernatural students. I dare anyone who enjoys paranormal fiction to be able to put this book down.

Books in serial format tend to be some of my favorites, as I enjoy connecting with the characters. Knowing that the last page of the book doesn’t mean that I’ll never see them again. I will anxiously await the next book in this series. Truly wondering what is next for Teddy and her band of Misfits. (So please, K.C. Archer, don’t be teasing with that “book one” thing.)

Don’t read this book if you’re looking for a book based in reality. While there may very well be psychics and empaths and clairvoyants among us, and even a school for them, it’s unlikely that you’ll find one on every corner. For me escapism is the best part of reading, and this is clearly a work of fiction. Or is it?


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