New home!

Bookwormish Me began as a school project to review books for my class in Modern Fiction. I started the site on Weebly (because I had a job interview and they wanted to see me actually build a free site using their application.) I had let the site go for a longgggggg while once I was done with school and finding work.

Press forward to 2017 when I started doing pre-reads for a fave author (who shall remain nameless.) I started thinking that maybe it was time to move the site to my own domain, which I already owned, and get this party started. But work intervened, I was busy, and nothing got done.

Here it is 2018 and one of my goals for this year was to get a site up and run-ing. Now that I’ve done that – though there is still much work to do – I’m working on getting everything copied over from that previous home. So all posts prior to this one were likely published prior to July 2014. I wanted to post them with their original review dates, but WordPress and I were having a disagreement about that.

From here forward, I will try to get reviews posted weekly for whatever I happen to be reading. If they are pre-reads, I will note that as well. Any questions? Email me.

Happy reading!

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