The Songbird Sisters (The Songbirds of Darling Bay – Book 3)

by Rachael Herron

This is the last book of the Songbird series. I’ll be so sad to see Adele, Molly & Lana go, but I’m so glad that everything seems to be turning out okay for them. That’s one of the joys of reading Rachael Herron’s books, you grow quite attached to the characters. While her books are considered “romance” novels, I am not usually a romance novel fan. These books are much deeper in context than just some romance and sex. I’ve said before that I find her books really hard to put down. I usually stay up way past my bedtime engrossed in another tale.

The Songbird series is based on three sisters who were once a rather popular country group, the Darling Songbirds. This book focuses on Lana, and her return to her “hometown” of Darling Bay. Over the years the three sisters separated to find their own ways in the world. The draw of Darling Bay brings them each back, one by one, to move forward. This book is Lana’s story. While the three books are part of a series, you can read each individually.

Lana’s story is probably a very common one. She was part of a successful singing group with her sisters, but struggles to find success on her own. She is also haunted by an experience she had that while she believes she’s overcome, is truly still battling. As a songwriter she encounters a handsome country star of exceptional heritage, Taft Hill. Taft hears her sing a song and wants to make it his own. This simple encounter changes Lana’s future.

Lana’s character doesn’t feel one-dimensional. She is just like any other “real” woman who has seen her share of good and bad. She battles inner demons that in some cases are the making of her own perceived thoughts rather than reality. She is every one of us. one of the beautiful things I find reading Rachael’s books is that you can always find a quality in her female characters that is relatable. Rachael also believes in bringing real issues to light. Issues that affect so many women in our world today.

If you’ve never read a Rachael Herron novel, enjoy. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I think you’ll be running back to read the rest along the way. And while you’re at it, looking up how to become a member of the Darling Bay community!

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