The Songbird’s Call (The Songbird’s of Darling Bay – Book 2)

by Rachael Herron

This was the first book I’ve read of the Songbird series (there is a book one.) I have read the Cypress Hollow series. What can I say? I love Rachael Herron’s books. I am not a huge “romance” reader, but her books focus on more than just romance. Rachael writes in a way that challenges you, as the reader, to put the book down. I end up reading far past when I should, often falling asleep while still trying to get through another chapter.

The Songbird series is based on three sisters who were once a rather popular country group, the Darling Songbirds. This book focuses on Molly, and her return to her “hometown” of Darling Bay. All three sisters have gone their separate ways and started leading their own adult lives. Molly returns home to visit her sister and try to find her way.

There are revelations and topics in this book that are so timely. Rachael doesn’t shy away from talking about subjects that are sometimes kept in the shadows. Her characters learn so much about themselves throughout the novel. They find their inner strength and character. Molly comes to Darling Bay fairly broken, though she thinks she’s conquered her demons. It takes a few side battles for her to learn who she really is. I loved that Molly wasn’t perfect, nor was any other character in this book. They are real people.

Rachael’s female characters are strong women who sometimes don’t realize their own strength. They are fighting similar battles to the battles we fight every day. I always find a character that I can relate to in each of her books. Rachael’s writing is strong – you can visualize very easily where you are and who these people are. That is one of the joys in reading her novels. There is definitely some good, hot romance, but nothing over the top. For those who love a good love story, you won’t be disappointed.

Now that I’ve read book two of this series, I am definitely going to go back to book one. I want to learn everything I can about Adele, Molly and Lana Darling, and anxiously await the next book in the series.

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