The Eden Plague (Plague Wars Book 0/1)

by David VanDyke

Another one of those that I wonder how it ended up on my shelf. Somewhat sci-fi, somewhat dystopian, somewhat thriller. Initially I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this story, but it got better as the pages turned.

Daniel Markis is a a veteran combat medic whose life gets turned upside down by some visitors to his home. He calls in some favors from some old friends, a merry band of men. This paramilitary group sets out to save the world, with the help from one of the two visitors to Daniel’s home. Fast paced at times and slow as mud at others, the story itself is still a good one. What happens when a virus that could save the world gets loose?

This is just the first book in a series of 10 total, with the newest one due this summer. This first one is currently free from Amazon and if you subscribe to the author’s mailing list, he will send you the second one free as well. I got hooked by book number two and purchased book three on my own. That’s how it is with series, if they’re any good, you get hooked and spend the money.

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