Reaper’s Run (The Plague Wars, Book 1.5)

by David VanDyke

Second book in the Plague Wars series, this one picks up the story about Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth from the first book. The first few pages of this one repeat the exact story that was relayed in Book One, but continue along telling Jill’s story about what exactly happened on that cruise ship.

VanDyke seems to hit a rhythm with writing in this book. The pace is fairly consistent and the characters come to life. The country is now under martial law and those infected with the virus are treated as the Japanese were in WWII – everyone is gathered and collected in camps. Jill isn’t one to be tied down – no matter the circumstances she finds herself in, she makes the best of it and finds a way out.

Book 3 is in my Kindle now. As the writing seems to improve with every story, I’m looking forward to continuing this series as time goes on. It’s a fascinating concept.

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