Going for Broke

by Nina Howard

In Going for Broke, Nina Howard has given us a tale of riches to rags with a bit of intrigue and romance. Another summer-type/chick-lit read that is worthy of a beach bag (or in my case an avoiding the 100+ temps in my nice air-conditioned house.)

Pulled from the headlines of the Bernie Madoff scandal, this is a look inside what it’s like when you have so much money you don’t know what to do with it. Victoria Vernon is not a character to love. Pampered, spoiled and entitled, you pretty much feel like she needs a swift kick you-know-where before the end of the first chapter. Well, thankfully, she gets that swift kick and takes us with her on a journey of finding out what she’s really made of, and what is really important in life. I truly wanted to hate Victoria, but as time goes on and she pulls her life together, you cheer her on.

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