Summer Sisters

by Judy Blume

In all fairness, I think I would give a Judy Blume book 5 stars without even reading it. This one is a great summer read. Does not disappoint, from a true Judy Blume afficianado (I read Are you There God at least 20 times before my 13th birthday.)

Revisting the 70s, and into the 80s, Vix tells us all about her life as Caitlin’s best friend. Caitlin lives in a magical world of wealthy hippie parents – one in New Mexico and one in Martha’s Vineyard. Summers are spent on the Vineyard where Vix becomes another member of the Somers family. The Somers turn the course of Vix’s life around – all due to her chance friendship with Caitlin. Romance, teenage fun and drama surround the girls even when they grow apart in later years.

Beach read excellence from start to finish. Judy Blume delivers the adult version of her pre-teen novels from my past. Characters that become your friends, just as Vix became Caitlin’s. If you’ve ever loved Judy Blume, this one must be added to your collection.

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