Safety – Book One (One-Eighteen: Migration)

by Will Ross, Christopher Wiig, and Aaron Sailors

(originally posted 4-July-2014)

A different twist on zombie fiction.

What I first found interesting is that this book was written by three people. There is a foreword from the leader of the “Zombie Research Society,” which I suppose is a glowing review from that sector. It’s a very interesting concept in the way the book is formatted.

The first chapter begins with a statement from a member of the military explaining the document, more of a warning than a statement. Some chapters have notes from this member of the military. It is a fascinating look into one person’s account of his experience with the zombie apocalypse, then narrated further by the reader of this document.

Jonas Waight, our protagonist, lives in a very small town in South Dakota that has been closed off from the rest of the world because of the apocalypse. He has no way of knowing whether or not only their town has been affected. He takes us on a journey through his existence in this town. The standard characters exist – the beautiful young woman with not much upstairs who gets what she wants through sexual manipulation; the overbearing and corrupt sheriff who runs the town and supposedly keeps order, along with his sadistic young deputies; Jonas, who seems to be the only voice of reason in the town; the town drunk, Jonas’s best friend – the local chef, and assorted other characters to form the story.

In this zombie story, it seems that something went haywire with electronic transmissions. These transmissions have changed into a “murmur” that turns people insane. The insanity causes people to kill, and when they die, 118 seconds later they become undead – or zombies, or as they’re officially titled in this book “altered organisms.” The town of Greenly barricades itself to maintain its residents’ safety.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The story is interesting and well enough written to keep my attention. I like post-apocalyptic fiction. It’s fascinating to wonder what would happen in a post-apocalyptic world, and to be able to delve into these stories without actually having to experience a zombie takeover. I also enjoy books that are in serial format, because I tend to not want the story to end.

I gave this book a 3/5 stars on Goodreads. There are some serious editorial problems with the version I read (Kindle) and someone needs to go through and do a bit of proofreading. It’s a quick read – only took me 2 nights, which also means that it must have been good enough to keep my attention to want to finish it. Because of this, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys this type of fiction.

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