Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

by Diana Gabaldon
(originally posted 29-June-2014)
**warning: may contain spoilers – though I do try to avoid them**
(sidenote – for those of you who don’t know, MOBY was the “working” title for this book. DG herself shortened it to MOHB (my own heart’s blood) , pronounced moh-bee, because the title was so long.)

After much procrastination, I finally finished MOBY. I read the first 8 parts of the book rather quickly, because DG’s writing is so riveting. However, when I reached part 9, the final part, I couldn’t go on. Perhaps it was knowing that it would be another 4-5 years before there would be a new novel. Perhaps it was because I simply didn’t want it to end. Maybe it was all of these. (I never read the final Harry Potter until it had been out 2 years, for the very reason that I didn’t want it to end.) Two days ago I decided enough was enough and I picked MOBY back up.

I wasn’t disappointed. Well, I was because the book is finished, but the ending was wonderful. There wasn’t much to complain about in the 800+ pages. As always, her storytelling keeps you engrossed. Her writing makes you feel like you’re there. And with this book, we have real faces to put with the story, which means I kept having to remind myself what Jamie really looks like now (I don’t have that problem with Claire – Caitriona’s face always comes to mind now.)

To avoid ruining the story for anyone else, let me just say, it’s worth the read. There are lots of loose ends, which is fine because DG herself has promised that the story isn’t over – yet. More tales of Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Roger, et al will be coming, someday.

Next year, The Outlandish Companion 2 will make its appearance. In August, Starz will premiere the first season of Outlander, based on the first book.

If you haven’t read any of the Outlander series yet, I highly recommend it. It doesn’t fit a genre. It is historical fiction, fantasy, sci fi, romance, and time slip all rolled into one series of very lengthy tomes. Do not be deterred by the size. The story more than rewards you for the time invested. I hope that you will enjoy DG as much as I do.



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